Shoot Pro videos with your phone

Hello, I’m Lottie!

I’ve always loved making films and taking pictures. I spent many happy years filming for the BBC as a video journalist producing, shooting, interviewing and editing stories for the news, while shooting personal projects on the side. In my heart, I just love stories and meeting people. That's why I did an English degree and then worked as a print journalist for years, writing for lots of national newspapers and magazines.

But then I went to the BBC, learnt to use a camera, and discovered that telling stories through film and photography was my favourite thing ever. Good stories are hard to turn away from, they make you watch, listen and engage. That's why the story is at the heart of every shot I take. They build connections with followers and relationships with customers. Stories can transform how we think about people, products or places, and my passion is finding great ways to tell them.

Learn how to create incredible videos with your mobile. (Apple or Andriod)


✓ Basics of setting up your phone for video
✓ Tips for filming
✓ Efficient techniques for shooting videos
✓ Useful kit that won't weigh you down
✓ Filming apps I love and how to use them
✓ Easy editing options
✓ Making video for your website