Media Training

Whoever you work for; whatever your job, speaking in front of an audience is, for many, a very daunting prospect. We help to strip away the unknown and develop you into a confident media-savvy operator. We all talk but it’s the way we talk that gets results and here at The Academy we put you through your paces to give you a rewarding experience.

We can simulate any type of media interview; Skype, mobile phones, Facebook Live, Facetime, ISDN, remote or in studio, just ask and we will recreate a realistic environment with Journalists and reporters who have current regional, national and International experience.

We have a wide range of journalists with differing styles and varied experience across all formats, Radio, TV, Print/Online, so it doesn’t matter whether it’s short form interviews (soundbites) or longer form (documentaries, discussion programmes) we have the right person for the job and of course the right credentials. Our reporters have worked at the BBC, Reuters, ITV, the broadsheets and the red tops, BBC Online and many other media organisations.


We are consultants too. Our consultants work with all kinds of people from Graduates to CEO’s of FTSE 100 companies.

Just to give you a flavour of the sectors we’ve worked and currently work in - Energy, Retail, NHS, Construction, Universities, Energy and Banking.

Our courses

are not just for spokespeople. We have a fantastic media awareness course that helps PR professionals understand the media and how and when to pitch their stories.

Deal with it

We show you how to deal with that 'doorstep' interview or perhaps you need to put together a press conference; believe us it's not as easy as it sounds!

We shed light

on how newsrooms and programmes operate and how best to explore the opportunity so that you, the journalist and more importantly the audience, are all happy with the outcome.