Crisis Communications

A crisis often happens when you least expect it; worse still, when resources are thin on the ground, typically at the weekend or during the early hours.


Having the right approach is often the difference between managing or adding to the crisis.

Our programme is designed to test every aspect of your crisis media plan.
It doesn't have to be a full-blown crisis, we cater for all kinds of crises including tabletop exercises -
anything that affects the reputation of your brand.
We can recreate a media storm with pressure delivered by our team of experts.
We test your press office function inundating you with phone calls and media requests.
We test your social media response with our 'fake' twitter emulation.
We can tee-up the scenario with broadcast reports and online articles.

We Develop Crisis Media Scenarios

If you want us to dream up an event or create a 'Master Events List' where we give you a blow-by-blow account of unfolding disasters, we can do that too.


Having completed this programme, you will know how to react in a crisis and deal with the most testing of scenarios; including your management and co-ordination of internal and external communications, as well as your ability to cope with tough media interviews and press conferences.


The programme is fully interactive and uses a variety of learning techniques, including, media training spokespeople, team work, role play, best practice sharing and social media simulations.


It is relevant to anyone within an organisation who is responsible or involved with devising a crisis plan. We test Gold and Silver Command responses as well as press office functions.